evil genius people

Adam Worth was born in 1844 in Germany. He is often referred to as “The Napoleon of Crime” due to his intelligence in committing crimes. Bank robberies, store robberies, pick-pocketing, bounty jumping, jail breaking; he was an evil genius in all of these fields. He started off with bounty jumping by using false names to join different squadrons to gain the bounty and then fleeing. By using his diligence, he made a gang of pickpockets. Even a prison sentence of 3 years, when he was caught red-handed during a robbery, couldn’t stop his negative activities. He used inexplicable ways to defy all the security measures at the prison and escaped.

He continued with bank robberies very diligently without being caught quickly. Last but not the least, he even helped other fellow inmates to break free of prison walls by diligent strategic planning. He was finally caught amidst an armed robbery and sentenced to 7 years behind bars.

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