evil genius people

The name Adolf Hitler automatically brings into anyone’s mind, a picture of utter cruelty, ruthlessness and no regard for humanity whatsoever. However, looking at the other side of this picture, can you believe that Hitler was an outstanding evil genius who controlled so much single-handedly?

Hitler played a key role in bringing together a crumbling German state. He established a weak German state and gave it so many resources to be able to handle the economic situation during a war. Hitler used excellent ideas to mention in his charismatic speeches to make Germans realize their worth. He used ways that were not common at that time to push the Germans to join the Nazi party. Methods included films and radio advertisements. Adolf Hitler was a “one-man” power and maintained such an organized and disciplined behavior single-handedly.

His outstanding determination and ability to capture people’s mind is an example till this day of self-determination. Although Hitler’s self-determination caused a massive loss of innocent lives, his example can be used positively to have an idea of the great evil genius inside him!

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