Dr. Henry Howard Holmes

evil genius people

Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, in short, H. H. Holmes was born in 1861 New Hampshire USA. He started off with a respectable academic background. However, soon his attention began to divert towards negativity. Unfortunately, his careless and messed-up father didn’t suppress the negativity that was starting within him. He began his criminal career with insurance frauds using different official names to trick authorities. From there, he went on towards a bloodthirsty mission of serial killing.

To quench his awkward thirst of murdering humans, he used his evil ingenuity to build a tourist hotel in Chicago. From the exterior, no one could judge the sinister plans of its building in the heart of Chicago city. As visitors to the World’s Columbian Exposition arrived, many of them booked their hotel rooms at H. H. Holmes hotel. Inside the hotel were windowless rooms, gas-inducing systems and much more to murder people. The bodies were then pulled down in the basement by an air-vacuum system. Holmes then sold the human body parts. Due to his ruthless and bloodthirsty behavior, after being caught during a theft, he was hanged in 1896 for committing mass murders.

Paul Joseph Goebbels

evil genius people

Joseph Goebbels was born in 1897 in Germany. He was a devoted follower of Adolf Hitler. Goebbels was a member of the Nazi party. He gained education up till Ph.D. and kept excelling throughout his studies. After joining the Nazi party in 1924, he showed excellent skills in propaganda making. Since the basic idea of running Nazi party was propaganda, Hitler found a great evil genius in Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels was capable of supporting Hitler’s cause by his well-crafted ideas and careful planning. Moreover, his common cause with Hitler of the annihilation of Jews made him a perfect match. This led him to various important posts in the history of Germany. His evil genius was also evident from his extraordinary ability of confident public speaking. He made his points widely understood by using sarcastic humor as well. He died in 1945 after the death of Hitler.

Niccolò Machiavelli

evil genius people

Niccolò Machiavelli was born in 1469 in Italy. Even though he faced incarceration in his early life due to political reasons, Niccolo managed to make his ideas count in the modern world. Niccolò Machiavelli’s inclusion in the list of top evil genius people has been a point of debate for a long time. His inclusion in the list is due to a book he published “The Prince” on political science. He wrote this book after thorough research on Roman history. In this book, he discussed methods that he had researched to have complete hold over the public even if extreme measures are to be used by the authorities. Some people regard him as the father of political theory, whereas, others regard his ideas as cruel, ruthless and not appropriate.

Adam Worth

evil genius people

Adam Worth was born in 1844 in Germany. He is often referred to as “The Napoleon of Crime” due to his intelligence in committing crimes. Bank robberies, store robberies, pick-pocketing, bounty jumping, jail breaking; he was an evil genius in all of these fields. He started off with bounty jumping by using false names to join different squadrons to gain the bounty and then fleeing. By using his diligence, he made a gang of pickpockets. Even a prison sentence of 3 years, when he was caught red-handed during a robbery, couldn’t stop his negative activities. He used inexplicable ways to defy all the security measures at the prison and escaped.

He continued with bank robberies very diligently without being caught quickly. Last but not the least, he even helped other fellow inmates to break free of prison walls by diligent strategic planning. He was finally caught amidst an armed robbery and sentenced to 7 years behind bars.

Kim Philby

evil genius people

Kim Philby was born in British India in 1912. Though Kim was a British intelligence officer of the famous MI6 agency, he, in fact, worked secretly for the Soviet Union. Through his evil ingenuity, he was able to provide highly classified information to the Soviet Union. He was hired as a Soviet Union spy before the Second World War. Kim ‘A genius for deception‘ kept on acting as a double agent for both British and Soviets keeping the trust alive on both sides.

Charles Manson

evil genius people

Charles started off with his life in misery. Unfortunately, he never actually experienced the extraordinary life with parents. His relations within the family were confined to his mother. Additionally, his mother wasn’t even near to what a real mother should be. She abandoned him badly in a boarding school system. Therefore, negligence followed Charles all along his adolescence and teenage. Despite such conditions, he found his way in a steady way to being one of the most notorious criminals of the USA. His offenses started off from small burglaries in grocery stores and went on to armed robberies and even murder! His evil ingenuity led him to devise inexplicable ways to form a gang that committed a series of 9 murders in 1969. Charles was a singer and songwriter by profession but a life filled with offenses lead him to a life sentence behind bars.