evil genius people

Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, in short, H. H. Holmes was born in 1861 New Hampshire USA. He started off with a respectable academic background. However, soon his attention began to divert towards negativity. Unfortunately, his careless and messed-up father didn’t suppress the negativity that was starting within him. He began his criminal career with insurance frauds using different official names to trick authorities. From there, he went on towards a bloodthirsty mission of serial killing.

To quench his awkward thirst of murdering humans, he used his evil ingenuity to build a tourist hotel in Chicago. From the exterior, no one could judge the sinister plans of its building in the heart of Chicago city. As visitors to the World’s Columbian Exposition arrived, many of them booked their hotel rooms at H. H. Holmes hotel. Inside the hotel were windowless rooms, gas-inducing systems and much more to murder people. The bodies were then pulled down in the basement by an air-vacuum system. Holmes then sold the human body parts. Due to his ruthless and bloodthirsty behavior, after being caught during a theft, he was hanged in 1896 for committing mass murders.

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