evil genius people

Joseph Stalin came into this world on the 18th of December, 1878. He was a Soviet dictator. Stalin was a master at negative political planning, diplomacy, and power. He proved the evil genius within him by acting double faced without being noticed. On one side, he cleverly depicted himself to Lenin being part of the Soviet communism whereas, on the other hand, he secretly got his men appointed to crucial positions in the government to get indirect hold of the large state. More examples of his intelligence include his debating power at the conferences after World War II.

He tricked the American and British delegations into confusion and meanwhile twisted the decisions in his favor. This ruthless dictator became the source of mass murders as well. For example, in the Ukraine during the imposed famine of Holodomor. He rose from a straightforward and unidentified background to become an example of a top evil genius of all times.

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