evil genius people

Joseph Goebbels was born in 1897 in Germany. He was a devoted follower of Adolf Hitler. Goebbels was a member of the Nazi party. He gained education up till Ph.D. and kept excelling throughout his studies. After joining the Nazi party in 1924, he showed excellent skills in propaganda making. Since the basic idea of running Nazi party was propaganda, Hitler found a great evil genius in Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels was capable of supporting Hitler’s cause by his well-crafted ideas and careful planning. Moreover, his common cause with Hitler of the annihilation of Jews made him a perfect match. This led him to various important posts in the history of Germany. His evil genius was also evident from his extraordinary ability of confident public speaking. He made his points widely understood by using sarcastic humor as well. He died in 1945 after the death of Hitler.

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