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Rules for Riding Motorised Scooters and Skateboards in South Australia. If the ERAC investigation discovers such technology on Australian shelves, it has the power, via state-based regulators, to halt sales, enforce recalls and issue fines. The Minister for Small Business and Assistant Treasurer decided that the imminent risk of death or serious injury in relation to hoverboards which don’t meet specified safety requirements warranted an interim national ban without delay.

The movement follows Victorian Consumer Affairs Minister Jane Garrett’s expression of concern after a faulty version exploded and burned down a Strathmore home nowadays, in addition to the discovery of other defective products. Additionally, 21 hoverboard versions are recalled nationally (see below), and there may be more to come.

At first glance, the Hoverboard looks like a ghostly white Penny deck with our world-famous retro design. In this guide, we’ll just refer to them as hoverboards. The CPSC’s investigation of hoverboards has found that a number hoverboard of hoverboards don’t have adequate electrical control circuits to stop lithium-ion battery over charging, excessive battery current flow and battery temperature control.

The New Daily cautioned on Thursday that the battery-powered toys might comprise dodgy charging technologies which can cause house fires,   after consumer group CHOICE reported multiple blazes in England, Hong Kong and the United States. I made a great decision to buy this hoverboard for my son. Strict new standards were put into place, so strict that to date only one ‘hoverboard’ has met each the safety certifications, becoming Australia’s only fully compliant self-balancing board available through major retail stores.

Thankfully, we have tried and reviewed all of the most recent generation self balancing scooters so that we may allow you to choose the best hoverboard for you! Smart Scooter ‘Hoverboard’ from Smart Scooter ANZ. The ACC is expected to consult with hoverboard suppliers and other experts so that products sold following the ban will meet safety standards.

In each case of fire, the hoverboard was being charged when it caught fire. Along with fears about fires a few governments are banning motorized standing scooters because they believe people will get hurt . Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said the ban was in accord with the Australian Government’s recent ban and covered sole traders as well as corporations.

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