evil genius people

Ted Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, was a gifted genius. This fact can be judged by the fact that his IQ score was 167; the great Albert Einstein’s IQ reaches 160+. He studied at the Harvard University and at a mere age of 25, became an assistant professor of mathematics. His great intelligence is believed to have converted to negativity due to the place he achieved his primary education. He faced extreme bullying and inappropriate behavior towards himself at school. After resigning from teaching, he went in solitary confinement where he planted his plans for mass murders.

Ted used primary substances like dry cell batteries to create the most deadly homemade bombs. Ted ravaged the streets with his sinister yet genius plans. He targeted university professors, airlines, and industrial sector’s leaders to destroy the modern technological advancement to counter the effects on the environment. The sophistication of his bomb devices is an example till this date. Many of his bomb device models are on display in museums.

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